The current cost to live in Caseyville far outweighs neighboring communities. As a result Caseyville is depopulating at an alarming rate. Residents in our community pay twice as  much in taxes, spend 50% more for both public safety and miscellaneous expenditures, and pay 3x as much for water compared to similar towns and villages. This is devastating to working families and small businesses.

Potential adoption of practices and equipment used by other communities whose water and services are more affordable should be investigated. These savings should be used to pay down Caseyville’s debt, provide desperately needed tax relief to the community, and build a reserve fund for future emergencies and major expenditures. As your Village Trustee, Paul will work to find innovative ways to streamline, modernize, and integrate government to save money and cut costs.

As a major thoroughfare for travel between two major interstates, Caseyville also has a unique opportunity to grow through the cultivation of its business sector. The focus must be on new businesses, currently in demand by consumers. Those willing to travel location to location for their needs should find them right here in Caseyville, shortening travel time and providing relief to high-traffic areas in surrounding communities. As your Village Trustee, Paul will work to make Caseyville more business-friendly and bring more commerce into the area.

Zoning and Consolidation

Caseyville is an older community, and its face is beginning to show its age. The lack of proper upkeep and maintenance by landlords needs to be addressed through more aggressive contract enforcement against those who do not properly maintain rental properties. As your Village Trustee, Paul will work to ensure that village codes relating to the upkeep and maintenance of rented properties are updated and enforced.

Village zoning should allow for residents to engage in cottage industry and work from home, as long as their activity doesn’t disturb neighbors or cause issues for traffic flow. As your Village Trustee, Paul will look for ways to eliminate current home occupation licenses and advance cottage and work-from-home industries in our community.

Community Leadership

Caseyville has not had the most glorious headlines surrounding it lately. It is up to the leaders of the community to set higher standards. Bad deadlines and suspicions of corrupt dealings have stuck with the our city’s name, and it hurts our community. The people’s opinion should always be the top consideration of any representative making decisions on their behalf.

Increased transparency is needed so that people know what is going on in village government and feel assured that everything is above board. Paul Durr wants to be that voice; the eyes and ears for his neighbors. As your village trustee, Paul will promote meetings and advocate for participation for ordinances or costs that will affect the people.


The safety of our children is a high priority at all times. While it’s impossible to have an officer on every corner, there are easy, inexpensive solutions to reduce our current speeding problems. As your Village Trustee, Paul will advocate for the installation of stop signs at high speed capable distances between current stops and at all school bus stops. The use of speed bumps to prevent high speed travel in family residential zones is a proven theory that has had high success rates. As your Village Trustee, Paul would also consider this solution. Finally, Caseyville should be a community where citizens can always feel safe. As your Village Trustee, Paul will work to increase police routes in higher crime areas, moving them from areas where less police presence is needed.